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Sookie, although not highly educated, is well read and has an extensive vocabulary, mainly attributed to her affinity for her “word-of-the-day” calendar.

They felt like people were throwing wrenches into the gears, but it’s back on track.

This is unfair because everybody is pregnant or just had a baby. In high school I was busy smoking weed and chasing girls, so I wasn’t doing as much theater then, but after I graduated I deferred from college. WB: This question always catches me off guard and it pains me that it does. I’ve been loving on Jhene Aiko, who is doing some stuff with Drake. I just went and saw Arcade Fire a couple nights ago in Santa Barbara and it was f–king awesome. Anyways, I could go on, but those are some of the ones I’m really jamming right now. WB: Somehow I didn’t watch and I’m f–king freaking out over it. WB: I’ve been doing this web-series with The CW for the last few years, which has been really fun and a really cool creative outlet. WB: I went to Guatemala for a week and hung out in the mountains there with my girlfriend and a couple friends. Even when I had the hots for her, she was probably in her 30s.

“I said I want something glamorous like Farrah Fawcett. They made this dress, a wig, and fake tits with really nice nipples, and high-heeled shoes. He played a statuesque transvestite in Swedish indie drama “Kill Your Darlings” in 2006.

The whole thing.” As for the name of his glamorous alter-ego? “Diary” was a Sundance favorite, favorably reviewed for its performances.

The awkwardness of getting older is more than acne and puberty, and more than the milestones of academic life.

Growing up is about looking around and piecing together what you want and don't want, who is and isn't worth listening to, where you do and don't feel safe.

According to ‘s review, “Skarsgard makes Monroe so easygoing and likable you sometimes forget that his passivity is actually a contemptible willingness to let his libido make decisions by default.” “Diary of a Teenage Girl” bows in theaters Aug.

If you’ve been missing Alexander Skarsgård’s naked torso since the finale of True Blood, never fear.

While serving in the Peace Corps in Nepal, writer, director, and producer Mickey Lemle began engaging with the Tibetan people and learning about their plight and genocide.

In 1991, Lemle made Compassion in Exile, his first film about His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Sookie lives in her ancestral home, which she inherits it from her grandmother, Adele Stackhouse, is murdered in the first book.