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A.” Ferrara spoke with Motor Trend during a break on the “Top Gear USA” set, several hours before the media-hyped closing of the 405 freeway that turned out to be a nonevent. You can play a playlist, but you can’t navigate through your i Pod, go back and forth to podcasts,” he says.

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I ran the wire and I have a holder for my i Phone that sits in the power outlet so I could navigate with the phone.

I could just use the i Phone as the touchscreen interface on the phone itself and I still hear it through the car that way.”He enjoys driving the E350 up one of his favorite roads, Highway 1, to San Francisco to visit family.

The show premiered on November 21, 2010, on History.

The show's first two seasons followed a similar format of the BBC version: three main hosts present, The Stig (a secret race driver) tests vehicles, and celebrities are invited for interviews and to drive vehicles around a test track.

During the first two seasons, Power Laps was a segment of the program in which The Stig completes a lap around the track in a reviewed car to compare its performance to previous contenders.

All laps are timed with the car's manufacturer-provided adjustable settings configured for maximum performance — all adjustable suspensions are set at their most efficient, all gear shift maps are at their most aggressive, and driving aids such as traction control are deactivated.

In addition, challenges similar in nature to the ones presented in the original show are replicated in Top Gear.

The "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" (retitled "Big Star, Small Car") segment uses a Suzuki SX4 Sportback.

“I’ve got a place in Santa Monica; I’ve got a place in New York City. “The nav’s a little primitive and the screen is low on the center stack, so you have to look down,” he says.“The i Pod connection is in the glove compartment.

I do more driving out in Santa Monica, although not this weekend with Carmageddon, because we don’t have enough problems in L. version of “Top Gear” got the green light on the History Channel, Ferrara bought his daily driver, a 2008 Mercedes-Benz E350 he keeps in L. He bought the used E350 last year specifically because he liked the model’s rounded headlights. I just like the rounded look, a little more classic look on it,” he says. When you connect it to the i Pod, you run it through your dashboard.

The key to Ferrara's success as an actor is that he started in stand-up, and he continues to be one of the top comedians in the country.