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She’s very ambitious and I should learn from that She was going to have longer hair, then shorter, which meant that I had to have some sort of ‘wigage.’ But, to have it so extreme sort of represented her untouched virginity thing in a very symbolic, heavy way. Kristen, your character says to Aaron’s when you are finally going to make love, “You don’t work out much, do you? Otherwise, it won’t mean anything and you can’t be invested in it It’s always surprising and always sort of amazing because it’s like “Wow!

” [Kristen and Aaron burst into laughter.] You look fine, Aaron, but did you say to yourself, “I’d better not get too ultra buff before doing this movie? It’s just gonna continue and continue and continue.” I don’t know. I had some pretty heavy themes and issues running through my head most of the time when we were making the movie.

She also talked about what it’s been like to be a part of that this came about.

Aaron Stanford “secretly married” rumors have caused quite a stir among fans. That remains a mystery for now, as the actor’s rep hasn’t commented, nor the couple released an official statement yet. If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Scroll down and check out his slim body, short and/or medium light brown hairstyles & haircuts. Aaron Stanford takes over for Bruce Willis as a time traveler attempting to stave off the annihilation of the human race in the first trailer for Syfy’s series adaptation of “12 Monkeys,” based on the 1995 Terry Gilliam film of the same name.In the original film, Willis’ James Cole was a prisoner in a dystopian future forced to travel back in time to stop a man-made virus that ends up wiping out most of the human race.From show creators Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, it also stars Kirk Acevedo, Barbara Sukowa, Noah Bean and Emily Hampshire.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, actress Amanda Schull talked about how she came to be a part of , how awful the audition process can be, how great it is that the show has such a strong female character, Cassie’s plight to seek the truth, what makes Aaron Stanford an amazing actor to work with, and the dynamic between Cassie and the skeptical Aaron (Noah Bean).I also owe so much of why I’m in this to Terry [Matalas] and Travis [Fickett] because I did do one episode of .They told me, after I had been in the room once or twice with them, that they were driving to a session one day and Travis turned to Terry and said, “What about Naomi from ‘Black Badge’? You never know where your next job is going to lead you, down the road.A nervous but game Stewart and her surprisingly funny costar, Aaron Stanford (X2, X Men: The Last Stand), chatted with us about working together on this film, as well as how things have changed in light of Stewart’s recent Twilight-induced superstardom. But, the great thing about the relationship between the two of them is it’s a situation to which conventional morality does not apply at all because her character is going to die.Mary Stuart [Masterson] set me up with a lot of material and information and Sam and Alex Bode. He’s the youngest and he’s the least noticed but he’s actually the patriarch. He’s the one who cares for everyone and I feel like, as for his relationship with Georgia, he’s also a character with a tremendous amount of love to give and he hadn’t ever really found anyone to give it to. She only has a limited amount of time in which to live her life so the conventions sort of fly out the window in that situation STANFORD: I loved a lot of things about it. They’re pretty amazing, complex and fascinating characters, great relationships and a great story, which is all I need to like a script. I started to care about these people and care about what’s happening and I’m interested to explore these sort of fractured relationships STEWART: It’s a really quaint little movie but it is so madly triumphant in a way that there aren’t big story points.Both were appreciative of everyone’s excitement over the show and were both lovely to chat with.