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"My friend — when we were both little babies back in Georgia — she liked Aaron Carter, too, and we used to fight over who would get Aaron Carter one day." She then added, "Who knows?

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Singer Aaron Carter recently broke up with Madison Parker, but he's ready to hit the dating scene again!Carter, 29, took to Twitter to ask Chloë Grace Moretz, 20, on a date after she revealed her childhood crush on him. Only two weeks after calling it quits with girlfriend Madison Parker, the "Sooner or Later" singer took to social media late Thursday, Aug.17, 2017, to document a night out on the town with singer Porcelain Black.Carter said that his girlfriend didn’t understand his sexuality and left him.

Their beautiful relationship ended bust because of his sexuality, and he felt sad about it.Just a few weeks ago, pop star Aaron Carter rose to headlines since he was arrested in Georgia on suspicion of driving under the influence and marijuana possession along with her girlfriend, Madison Parker. Carter broke up with his now ex-girlfriend just a day before he announced officially that he is bisexual. Reportedly, Aaron Carter and his Girlfriend Madison Parker are no more together. Aaron Carter and his Girlfriend Madison Parker are no longer together, they shared a year-long relationship.He tweeted, "Mmmm may I take you to dinner @Chloe GMoretz ? In a recent interview for Variety's Power of Young Hollywood, Moretz shared, "When I was 4 years old, I thought Aaron Carter was so cool." He followed up, tweeting, "Hey @Chloe GMoretz - let's set up a date. And then my friend, when we were both little babies back in Georgia, she liked Aaron Carter, too.After their breakup, Carter the singer became very emotional.