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That near-miss accident on the freeway or comet streaking past your windshield?These days, the news and Facebook feeds are littered with “caught on dashcam” footage.The camera supports the new Canon Log Gamma 2 profile that allows headroom for color grading in post.

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It also acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot and can send push notifications. Lyfe Lens will send you a notification if they exceed the speed limit or drive somewhere they aren’t allowed to go.

Its onboard GPS and ability to connect to the Internet means you can access the two cameras remotely, and in real time, through your smartphone or Web browser. You can also call up a live stream, viewing everything the Lyfe Lens can see.

Lyfe Lens is essentially a spy system for vehicles.

It comes with two cameras and a microphone that continuously records while you’re in the driver’s seat — and when you’re not — and then uploads the resulting photos and video footage to the cloud.

But dashcams aren’t just for capturing sensational You Tube-worthy moments.

A new breed of cam turns your car into a rolling surveillance platform.

The basic keypad consists of rubberised buttons which are slightly raised to help you distinguish them under the thumb and there's a central five-way D-pad as the main mode of navigation through your menus, with back and select buttons on either side.

Features and performance The colour screen is just 1.4-inch and offers a square resolution of 128x128 pixels (125ppi).

If a thief breaks into your vehicle, the motion sensors will catch him in the act — and even if he damages or removes the Lyfe Lens, “you’ve got that guy on camera,” says co-founder Allen Stone.

He and Niko Stoenescu created Lyfe Lens, which is based in Austin, Texas, in 2014.

Canon has announced the latest flagship member of its cinema line of EOS cameras.